About us

Look at Media started out producing TV spots, logos and brochures for local businesses in 1997. Over the years, production methods evolved from analog to digital, and websites went from a novelty to a must have marketing product.

Our relationship with clients evolved too. Most of Look at Media's customers are local and regional business owners. That means our clients don't have creative departments and marketing managers. They're usually too busy running their business to take time promoting it.

So we decided to specialize in the marketing and promotional needs of local and regional businesses. As a result, we have become really good at producing copy, websites, print and video that tells a compelling story about our clients and their services.
We also realized that answering directly to the owner of the company means that every expense must be accounted for and justified. You won't find a glass walled “creative” room or a mahogany conference table at our studios – the kitchen doubles as our conference room – but what you will find is the knowledge and experience to take your project from concept to completion on a budget that the guys with the fancy furnishings can't touch.

Contact us for a no cost, no obligation consultation. If you have a product or service worth talking about, we'll help you get noticed.